Boho Silk Wrap Ribbon Bracelet


This Lady Sings the Blues hand dyed silk wrap bracelet would compliment your Bohemian style perfectly. It reminds me of warm Tropical breezes and days spent on the beach.

Charms *

You have the option to add on as many charms as you would like. Note: More than two charms is not recommended because it may make the bracelet too heavy and slip to the side.


Boho Silk Wrap Ribbon Bracelet

This hand-dyed Boho Silk Wrap Ribbon Bracelet is made with a 36″ Lady Sings the Blues dark and light blue silk ribbon. The edges are embroidered with dark blue thread to ensure no unraveling occurs. An opulent Indicolite Swarovski Elements crystal sparkles luminously as the main accent. It is a rotund 14mm and features a unique helix cut. It has the Swarovski Elements logo stamped in stainless steel on the side so you can rest assured that it is genuine.


You have several charm options with this bracelet. You can add as many charms as you would like but it’s recommended that you only add up to two because any more than that makes it a bit heavy and it will slide to the side on your wrist.

To wear, simply place the Swarovski crystal in the center of your wrist on the outside and wrap each end around your wrist until  you come to the ends. Then just tie the two ends together in a double knot and you’re ready to go! The ends can be tucked under the wrap or left hanging. The silk is luxuriously soft, crinkly and delicate on the skin, and very comfortable. They are even comfortable to wear when doing yoga.

These wrap bracelets are very versatile and go with anything. They also make wonderful gifts for that special person! The ribbons are washable by hand with mild detergent.

Ribbons are 36 inches (91cm) in length.

Let the calming of the sea blues in this piece bring tranquility and peace of mind to you. Blue represents the sea and the sky. It is associated with expansiveness, inspiration, sensitivity, freedom, and intuition. It also represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and sincerity.

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