Dia de los Muertos Tree of Life Pendant Blue Roses


Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday that celebrates and honors people’s deceased ancestors with spirited parties, parades, ofrendas (altars), food, and drink.

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Dia de los Muertos Tree of Life Pendant Blue Roses

This Dia de los Muertos Tree of Life Pendant is handcrafted with permanently colored black and light blue copper wire. It features a painted wooden sugar skull button and acrylic roses in light blue and torquoise.

Dia de los Muertos is a lively celebration that occurs on November 1st throughout Latin America and Mexico. It is held to honor one’s deceased loved ones and celebrate their lives. People celebrate with food, drink, parties, and activities the dead enjoyed in life. It is believed that the dead would be insulted by mourning or sadness so this day is not somber at all. It’s a happy day where people remember their loved ones who have passed over. This is something that American culture is seriously lacking in, in my opinion. The holiday recognizes death as a natural part of the human experience. It goes hand-in-hand with birth, childhood, and growing up. On Dia de los Muertos, the dead are a part of the community. They are awakened from their eternal sleep and share in the celebration with their families.

The most familiar symbol of Dia de los Muertos may be the calacas and calaveras (skeletons and skulls). They appear everywhere during the holiday.  They are depicted as happy, dancing, and full of joy.

To learn more about Dia de los Muertos, check out Day of the Dead and Sugar Skull Tradition.

Being one of our regular sized Tree of Life pendants, this design is two inches in diameter not including the bail. The bail is approximately half an inch tall.

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