Dryad Tree of Life Pendant


This piece is embellished with a genuine Swarovski crystal, the highest quality in crystals. Swarovski is recognized worldwide as the cleanest cut and most brilliant. This crystal is a large gemstone, elegantly cut with 16 shimmering facets. When caught in the sun, this striking crystal explodes into a dazzling display of tremulous light, sure to turn heads and catch people’s attention.

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You have the option to add a stainless steel chain to your order. It is a 3mm link cable chain and comes with a lobster clasp.


Dryad Tree of Life Pendant

This Dryad Tree of Life Pendant is handcrafted with permanently colored lavendar and yellow copper wire, silver plated copper wire, and features a lead and nickel-free fairy charm. A genuine Swarovski crystal delicately shimmers behind the branches of the tree.

Dryads are female woodland spirits. They are Artemis’ attendants, guardians of trees, forests, and groves. It’s said to be bad luck if you see them but that may be because they only show themselves when they’re displeased with how you’re treating the trees!

Being one of our regular sized Tree of Life pendants, this design is two inches in diameter not including the bail. The bail is approximately half an inch tall.

See the Size Comparison Chart to compare the different sizes.

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Tree of Life Symbolism & History