Earth Dragon Tree of Life Pendant


This Earth Dragon Tree of Life Pendant is handcrafted with a bronze colored frame, and brown, gold, and kelly green wire. All wire has a copper core and a permanent paint coating that is tarnish and scratch-resistant. The Earth Dragon charm is bronze colored lead and nickel free pewter. To finish this piece, we used polished moss agate slices. Even though it is called moss agate it isn’t actually agate. It is a translucent form of chalcedony quartz.

Add A Bronze Alloy Chain *

You have the option to add a bronze alloy chain to your order. It is a 3mm link cable chain and comes with a lobster clasp.

Custom Sizing Options *

Would you like your pendant to be the regular 2 inch diameter or the smaller junior size which is 1 and 3/4 inches in diameter?


Earth Dragon Tree of Life Pendant

In crystal healing, moss agate helps to connect with the magical side of nature. In Indian traditional beliefs, tiny spirits live in the elemental world just beyond the visible spectrum and these are called devas. It is said that every single plant and flower has its own deva, attuned to its needs and able to communicate with it.

Moss agate is a stone that helps to open perception to the spirits of nature that guard and protect the plant kingdom. It can be beneficial to ask for their help in your garden to keep your plants healthy. Wearing moss agate also helps you stay attuned to the benevolent abundance of nature, which always provides what is needed.

This listing has two size options. Regular sized which is 2 inches in diameter and Junior size which is 1 and 3/4 inches. Scroll through the pictures provided or click this link to see a Size Comparison Chart.
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