Eye of Horus Tree of Life Pendant


Lapis Lazuli was one of the most highly prized tributes paid in ancient Egypt. The golden sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen was richly inlaid with Lapis. It was used extensively in scarabs and other jewelry. It was even ground into powders for eye shadow, dyes, and medicinal elixirs.

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You have the option to have your pendant created in either Sterling silver plated copper wire or solid .925 Sterling silver wire.

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You have the option to add a stainless steel chain to your order. It is a 3mm link cable chain and comes with a lobster clasp.


 Eye of Horus Tree of Life Pendant

This Eye of Horus Tree of Life Pendant is pain-stakingly handcrafted with precision and detail. I use sterling silver plated copper wire but you have the option to upgrade to solid sterling silver. Just choose the option on the drop down menu. I used ornate lead and nickel free charms. There is a tiny pyramid with the Eye of Horus etched on it and an Ankh. Finally, the background of this Tree of Life is graced with a genuine Lapis Lazuli gemstone.

Breakdown of Symbolic Meanings

This pendant contains many different symbols which all combine to create a powerful protection piece. I will break down the meaning of each part.

First, in the ancient Egyptian measurement system, the Eye of Horus represented a fractional quantification system to measure parts of a whole. The entire eye measured one heqat and each of the parts measured fractions of the heqat.

Horus was an ancient sky god whose eyes were said to be the sun and moon. The Eye of Horus was believed to have healing and protective powers and was used as a protective amulet. It was also used for measuring ingredients in medicines and pigments.

Next, the Ankh is also known as the Key of Life, the Key of the Nile, or Crux Ansata (Latin for cross with a handle). It was the Hieroglyphic character that meant “eternal life.”

Lastly, Lapis Lazuli protects from psychic and physical attacks. It can be used in protection grids, worn, or carried to bring these protection energies. It can also protect a room or building when placed in the four corners.

In conclusion, this Eye of Horus Tree of Life Pendant is a round-house kick of symbolic protection and is sure to draw positive energies to the wearer.

To learn more about the Eye of Horus, check out Ancient Egypt Online.

Being one of our regular sized Tree of Life pendants, this design is two inches in diameter not including the bail. The bail is approximately half an inch tall.

See the Size Comparison Chart to compare the different sizes.

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