Flower Jasper Wire Wrapped Octopus


“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. ” Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Flower Jasper Wire Wrapped Octopus

This Flower Jasper Wire Wrapped Octopus is handcrafted with permanently colored bronze copper wire and features a flower jasper gemstone as the head. Eight tentacles swirl out from the body giving it a unique and eye-catching design. It is 3 and 1/4 (80mm) inches wide and 2 and 1/2 (62mm) inches tall.

Octopuses (or Octopi) are very intelligent and fascinating creatures! They symbolize adaptability, being strategic, flexibility, and mystery to name a few.

The octopus skillfully navigates a realm that is constantly in motion. Its mystery is deepened by its environmental aura.

Although it is an extremely mobile traveler, the octopus is primarily a bottom dweller. Symbolically, this means it represents being grounded while still having the ability to exist in the world of the psyche. This reminds us that we may have amazing intuition and be spiritual but we are still physical beings and must remain grounded.

The octopus has the ability to reason, strategize, and recall information. this reminds us to use our logic to the highest advantage and be the masters of our intelligence, not the slave.

The octopus’ use of camouflage further emphasizes her animal symbolism of secretiveness, mystery, and knowledge. They can disappear and reappear before our very eyes!

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