Medicine Wheel Tree of Life Pendant


Native American “Medicine” is not referring to a pill or procedure you would have done in a hospital. It is the vital force that is inherent in Nature itself and your personal power that you can use to become more whole and complete.

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Medicine Wheel Tree of Life Pendant

This wire wrapped Medicine Wheel Tree of Life Pendant is handcrafted with permanently colored black, red, yellow, and sterling silver plated copper wire that has been twined and twisted to form a spiritual Tree design. It is accented with a unique Pewter feather charm and a steel ring adorns the outside frame that has been wrapped in colored copper wire that represents the Native American Medicine Wheel.


Also sometimes known as the Sacred Hoop, the Medicine Wheel has been used by generations of different Native American tribes for healing and health. It represents the Four Directions as well as Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Spirit Tree – all of which symbolize dimensions of health and the cycles of life.

The Medicine Wheel is many things on many various levels and has many different meanings and uses. It is a circle which represents natural and personal powers in complete balance, and which shows that everything is interconnected and part of one cosmic whole. It is the circle of awareness of the individual self, and a circle of knowledge that gives one power over one’s life. It is a shamanic map, or philosophical system, that can be used as a guide to help us find our way and ground us when we embark on inner journeys. We can use it to understand ourselves as well as life itself. It can be used for finding direction in life and for aligning physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realities. One can use it to attune themselves to Earth influences and forces and to the natural energies that affect their lives.

Each direction on the Medicine Wheel represents a path of initiation into the mysteries of life, the goal being to make contact with your Higher Self (or your True or Spiritual Self). Each path can help you with self-realization and acquiring knowledge to put meaning and purpose into your life.

A Medicine Wheel can be used as:
➼ an aid to meditation
➼ a device for centering your consciousness
➼ a representation of your honor of Nature.
➼ a symbol of protection
➼ an altar
➼ a sacred space

This book offers insight into the ways that Native American reverence and ritual can enrich all aspects of life.

The Book of Ceremonies: a Native Way of Honoring and Living the Sacred

For more information check out Native Voices.

Being one of our regular sized Tree of Life pendants, this design is two inches in diameter not including the bail. The bail is approximately half an inch tall.

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