Pegasus and Roses Tree of Life Pendant


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You have the option to add a stainless steel chain to your order. It is a 3mm link cable chain and comes with a lobster clasp.


Pegasus and Roses Tree of Life Pendant

This Pegasus and Roses Tree of Life Pendant is created with permanently colored ice blue copper wire. Sterling silver plated copper wire forms the frame. Coral rose beads in teal and powder blue adorn the branches while a Magnesite moon slumbers in the background. A lead and nickel free pewter Pegasus charm flies through the detailed branches with caprice.

Pegasus was a flying horse in Greek mythology. He was usually depicted as a white horse with magnificent feathered wings. His mother was Medusa and his father was Poseidon. He was born when Medusa was decapitated by Perseus. Pegasus was captured and tamed by Bellerophon. He helped him in his fights against the Amazons and the Chimera. Afterward, Bellerophon tried to ride Pegasus to Mount Olympus but Zeus dismounted him. Pegasus reached Mount Olympus on his own.


The Pterippus, or winged horse, is a symbol of shooting for the stars. They embody what it means to harness magic in the material world. To explain, Pegasus is grounded by the stability of its body, yet it soars with the power of its ephemeral wings. High and low or mind and body. Pegasus stands for clarity of mind and how mental focus combined  with a solid standing can transform our lives in magical ways.

Symbolic Rose Meanings

✿ Love
✿ Faith
✿ Honor
✿ Beauty
✿ Passion
✿ Wisdom
✿ Intrigue
✿ Devotion
✿ Sensuality
✿ Timelessness

The color blue speaks to the dreamers in our world. They enhance calm and tranquility.

Being one of our regular sized Tree of Life pendants, this design is two inches in diameter not including the bail. The bail is approximately half an inch tall.

See the Size Comparison Chart to compare the different sizes.

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Tree of Life Symbolism & History