Frigg Tree of Life Pendant


This piece is embellished with a genuine Swarovski crystal, the highest quality in crystals. Swarovski is recognized worldwide as the cleanest cut and most brilliant. This crystal is a large gemstone, elegantly cut with 16 shimmering facets. When caught in the sun, this striking crystal explodes into a dazzling display of tremulous light, sure to turn heads and catch people’s attention.

Add a Chain

You have the option to add a stainless steel chain. It is a 3mm link cable chain with a lobster clasp.


You have the option to have your pendant created in either Sterling silver plated copper wire or solid .925 Sterling silver wire.


Frigg Tree of Life Pendant

I used sterling silver plated copper wire and permanently colored orange and pink copper wire to handcraft this Frigg Tree of Life Pendant. I accented it with a lead and nickel free Celtic moon charm, a lead and nickel free heart charm, a silver plated pewter setting, and a genuine Swarovski crystal.

Frigg was Odin’s wife and the highest ranking of the Aesir goddesses. She is a goddess of love, marriage, and destiny. There is some argument about the difference between Frigg, Freya, and Frija. Some believe they are all the same goddess. Frigg is a weaver of clouds (and therefore for sunshine, rain, and the fertility of crops).  She is known as a seer, one who knows the future.

In ancient times, the end of the Winter Solstice marked the beginning of a new year. Frigg would sit at her spindle weaving the destiny of man and gods alike.

She is a mother goddess. Frigg’s gentle, nurturing side is widely recognized. She is a protector of women in labor and a fertility goddess.

Crescent Moon Symbolism

The word “crescent” comes from the Latin term ceres meaning to “bring forth, create,” and crescere, the Latin term for “grow, thrive.”

There are many symbols of crescent moons. Each symbol carries its own meaning.

The waning crescent symbolizes getting rid of negative energy in your life. A spiritual cleaning house so to speak. To get rid of any thing, person, or habit that might be harming you while a waxing crescent symbolizes growth and creativity. So, there is a lot of room for interpretation in this symbol. You really have to contemplate it and find what the crescent moon is trying to say to you.

The moon also represents these:

  • Transformation
  • Fertility
  • Illumination
  • Change
  • Shadows
  • Balance
  • Emotions
  • Intuition, Inner Knowledge

The moon is the illumination between complete darkness and the sun’s complete light. It’s the elusive connection between consciousness and subconscious; the inbetween and unknown.

To learn more about moon symbolism, check out Daphne’s Shadows.

Being one of our regular sized Tree of Life pendants, this design is two inches in diameter not including the bail. The bail is approximately half an inch tall.

See the Size Comparison Chart to compare the different sizes.

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