The Tree of Life Symbolism & History

The Tree of Life Symbolism & History

The Tree of Life is a symbol of unity and how we are all interwoven into the fabric of this Universe. The lines of separation that are drawn in our society are imaginary and we can overcome them when we accept each other for everything that we are. To me, it is a symbol of how nature is interconnected. We, as humans are taught that we are not of nature. When in truth, it is what we are made of. We are all one family interconnected and bonded with each other and nature.

The concept of a Tree of Life has been used in science, religion, philosophy, and mythology. A Tree of Life is a common motif in various world theologies, mythologies, and philosophies to include:

  • Mayans
  • Aztecs
  • Sumerians
  • Babylonians
  • Assyrians
  • Egyptians
  • Nordic Cultures
  • Chinese
  • Jews
  • Christians

The term Tree of Life may also be used as a synonym for Sacred Tree.

A Tree of Life in various religious interpretations, within myths, and as a mystical concept represents the interconnectedness of all life on our beautiful planet. The Tree of Life connects all forms of creation. The Tree of Life is considered to be the symbol of ‘Creator.’

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